Waddle Dees are one of the largest species in the Kirby series. Very clumsy and unintelligent but very loyal, Waddle Dees tend to make good servants and helpers.
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Waddle Dees have a circular body with a tan, rounded-cornered, equilateral trapezoid shaped mark on the front of their body. They have two eyes and blush marks on their cheeks, and no mouth. They have small oval-shaped feet at the bottom of their body


Waddle Dees have no natural abilities, aside from being naturals at throwing and spear-like weapons. Some species of Waddle Dees can be very strong (Big/Yarn) or fast (Key).


While generally unintelligent, they tend to be very loyal and helpful. They're dedicated to their work, and never give up. They can't speak (usually; Sailor Dee is an exception) do to their lack of a mouth, but usually are not very demanding.

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