So anyways, hi. Name's White. I run a wiki over yonder for my Kirby fanon subseries thing, known simply as The Adventures of White. One of the main things that sets this series apart from others is that the entire series has a GIGANTIC amount of characters, be it playable, villain, NPC, etc.

And seeing as this wiki's kinda sorta dead, I've got a bit of a proposition to make.

I did this sort of thing with another semi-dead Kirby fanon wiki, where I made a deal with the only current admin there (whom I knew from this thing) to transfer any characters/groups/whatevers from that wiki to mine. And so far it's working out really well.

That could also revive most, if not all, of the characters on this wiki. Give them more purpose, I guess.

Love it or hate it, I guess. Just let me know in the comments what you think.

~ White ~ (Talk) ~

EDIT: And as a side-note to make it a bit more interesting...I plan on making art of any character transferred in my own artstyle. An example of said artstyle can be found here.

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