Okay guys, here's a list of things that need to be done around here.

Wiki Building

I'm gonna separate this into two categories.

Canon Page Building

We have a few canon character pages: Kirby, Keeby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Zero Two...But the only one that isn't a stub is Kirby. And he needs some work himself. I think we need to come up with a specific way to handle the general layouts of the canon character pages. One idea is to encourage people to make their universe's version of the character as a separate page on the character's namespace. For example: Meta Knight/Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series. This will always provide a link back to the main page for the character. In turn, we should have a section on their main page to list all the alternate fanon pages for them.

We should also have some pages for items (Warp Star, Maxim Tomato, etc.) and locations. (Vegetable Valley, Green Greens, etc.)

General Wiki Needs

  • As Skull said, we should try to make some policies for this wiki. Let's all work together to come up with something to agree on.
  • The main page could probably use a bit more work. I have no idea how to work on a wiki front page though, so I'm leaving that up to you guys. .-.
  • We could definitely use a Wiki Wordmark. That bland text-link saying "Kirby's Dreamfanon" is a very unofficial look.
  • We should figure out how we're gonna use the Community Messages as well.

Wiki Cleaning

There aren't a lot of pages on this wiki, but there still may be some weeds left to pull. This place was almost entirely composed of crap when I first got here, after all. If you find anything that doesn't belong, or a fancharacter stub whose owner has long since abandoned it, go right ahead and delete it.

Once we've dealt with this, then we should start considering affiliations with other wikis. This will also help our image so that people will better consider helping us out. This will also help encourage new people to join us if we look like we actually know what we're doing when we send out invitations.

If there are any questions or suggestions, go right ahead and comment.

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