Greetings, everyone.

*crickets chirp*

Okay, I know this place isn't very active. At all. In fact it's like me and one-two other people here.

HOWEVER, I feel that I should make it known, that from this day forward I will officially be taking care of this wiki as an administrator.

Frost paper "My official admin documents are right here."
I have first-hand experience in moderating a wiki, so cleaning this place up and keeping things in order shouldn't be too big of a problem for me. Coming up with a design and skin for this place on the other hand will be challenging, as I have never done that before.

In anycase, now that I'm an administrator, I'm going to try and set some standards here. I've noticed that pretty much every page I've come across here, is of such poor quality that it would have ended up deleted on the Sonic Fanon Wiki--where I'm from. So aside from working on my own pages, my first order of business will be to try and fix this. Here's what I'll do.

  1. I'll clean out the stubs that are over a year old. A "stub" article is one that barely has any information to go by.
  2. I'll spruce up some of the Canon character pages, such as Kirby and Meta Knight.
  3. I'll get rid of the non-kirby related articles littered here and there.
  4. And finally I may try to help improve the content of other pages that need it.

And here are the standards I'm gonna lay down here.

  1. All pages must have at least 3 paragraphs of information, which may be broken down into different sections depending on the type of page. (Character, item, location, etc.)
  2. Pages must be relevant to the topic of this wiki. This is a place for Kirby Fanon material, not Megaman and Pingu. I'll delete anything that goes against this statement.
  3. Profane or offensive language is not to be used. On that note, Nothing erotic or pornographic is allowed. Period.
  4. If you cannot finish your page in time, please use a {{Construction}} template to let us know. Do NOT use this as an excuse to leave your article as a stub; A minimum of 4 sentences is required or it will be invalid.

Since this is a small wiki, this is about all that really needs to be said for now. Please try to follow these standards, as it will make my job easier for me.

This here is a list of the pages that do not meet standards.

And this here is a list of all the pages that are marked as stubs.

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