I have a similar page on SFW. I'm gonna list everything I need to do for my own fanon stuff.

My Pages, and What to Do with them

Kirby Fanon Saga

Character Pages

  • Frost: I don't think there's anything else I need to do with Frost. He's pretty much complete. I didn't finish Frost's Adventure 3, though...but that's less a thing wrong with him and moreso a problem with the series as a whole.
  • Icicle: Icicle's dubious backstory is the main thing that needs to be added. I've had several versions of it in my head, and one on a Word Doc that inexplicably vanished off the face of the earth, but I never finalized anything. Once I get this done, then I can focus on General Info and Character Relations.
  • Freeze: When I make his page, I'm going to delve into his history as a Galaxy Soldier.
  • Kieara: General Info and Character Relations are blank. I should delve into her backstory as well; some of it was told in her opening paragraphs. I'll probably move some of that over.
  • Fist: As usual, General Info and Character Relations are blank. I think most of this is due to not knowing exactly what happens during the ending of Frost's Adventure 3.
  • Arrow: Same issues. I think it'll help greatly once they're introduced in the FA fanfic...of course this would require me to actually CONTINUE that.
  • Cyclone: I don't have any drive to make his page atm, so I'm gonna wait until I work on the more main characters first before seeing what I should do with him. Maybe after I make Icicle's backstory, as Cyclone becomes pretty relevant there too.
  • Typhoon: Cyclone's son. I don't actually have a place in the story for his children, to be perfectly honest.
  • Breeze: Cyclone's daughter. Same as above.
  • Princess Emerald: The princess needs some artwork. I don't have any notable plans for her page; just gonna write out what's necessary.
  • Dark Kirby (No new name yet.): Surprisingly enough, General Info has content. Strengths and Powers are what's blank. (and character relations.) Aside from that and his blank infobox, he needs a new name. Dark Kirby has grown on me though; it's been almost ten years, so I can't see him as anyone else.

Location Pages

  • Solo Star: Frost's home planet. Some notable places I should expand on are the Frigid Region and...I dunno, I'll think of something.
  • Emerald Star: Former home of Princess Emerald. Was destroyed in the final batlte against Nightmare.
  • Jewel System: Neighboring star system to the Milky Way. (which, for reference, holds Pop Star and the other planets from Milky Way Wishes.)
  • Almondville: A village in Dreamland. Fist and Arrow live here.

Other Pages

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