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  • Smash The Echidna

    I have a similar page on SFW. I'm gonna list everything I need to do for my own fanon stuff.

    • Frost's Adventure - A Warrior's Tale: Basically all I really need to do is finish writing out the plot. There's not much else to do considering it's been cancelled.
    • Frost's Adventure 2 - Dark Kirby's Conquest: When I make the page, I'm going to have it as a similar layout to the first one.
    • Frost's Adventure 3 - The Final Nightmare: Same here. There won't be too much in the history section though, as I never even touched this game.
    • ???: Will this ever be a thing???

    • Frost: I don't think there's anything else I need to do with Frost. He's pretty much complete. I didn't finish Frost's Adventure 3, though...but that's less a thing wrong with him and moreso a p…

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  • Smash The Echidna

    Okay guys, here's a list of things that need to be done around here.

    I'm gonna separate this into two categories.

    We have a few canon character pages: Kirby, Keeby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Zero Two...But the only one that isn't a stub is Kirby. And he needs some work himself. I think we need to come up with a specific way to handle the general layouts of the canon character pages. One idea is to encourage people to make their universe's version of the character as a separate page on the character's namespace. For example: Meta Knight/Smash and Co.'s Roleplay series. This will always provide a link back to the main page for the character. In turn, we should have a section on their main page to list all the alternate fanon pages for them.

    We …

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  • Smash The Echidna

    Taking Charge

    August 6, 2013 by Smash The Echidna

    Greetings, everyone.

    template to let us know. Do NOT use this as an excuse to leave your article as a stub; A minimum of 4 sentences is required or it will be invalid.

    Since this is a small wiki, this is about all that really needs to be said for now. Please try to follow these standards, as it will make my job easier for me.

    This here is a list of the pages that do not meet standards.

    And this here is a list of all the pages that are marked as stubs.

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