Hello to all of you couple of users. My name is TheSkullWolf, but you can call me Skull (because that's what everyone calls me). One of you guys (hi Smash) already know me as an admin from the Sonic Fanon Wiki.

With that said, I've come to this wiki to aid the small lot of ya' in bringing life to this wiki. Like I've mentioned, I'm an experienced admin and I'm proficient when it comes to writing up policies and stuff of sorts. I think you'll find my help to be quite useful.

Of course, this means that I'm also asking to be an admin here as well, but I'm sure Smash will tell you that I'm a trustworthy person and that it would be in your best interest to promote me.

As a token of my good intentions, here are some kirby emoticons I made for the chat. I plan to make more (to the best of my abilities, I'm not really that good at it) and a friend of mine also may be helping out with that.

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