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The Amazing Mirror, by agent0015, is currently under construction. We promise to finish as soon as possible!

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This article is about the short story by agent0015. You may be looking for the 2004 game, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

A long time ago, when your father's father was but a child, something was stirring in the Mirror World... a new evil... one far worse than the Mirror World had known yet.


Yui sat alone in her living room, enjoying the noodles she had just microwaved... well, sort of enjoying them. It's Top Ramen. She was a small, light gray, almost white batamon with deep purple eyes. Anyway, she had no idea what was about to happen to her. She couldn't know. She looked outside at Carrot Castle towering above her. She went for a walk outside.

Rain clouds came out to play, and it got very dark very fast. Then she heard the screams. She was beginning to get very scared but she looked outside, and what she saw could never be erased from her mind. It was a huge white figure with a blood-red eye in the middle of its... face? It had wing-like appendages protruding from its sides. They appeared to be dipped in blood. A battered halo sat atop its head. The creature appeared terrifying, yet empathetic.

For some reason, all the screams had stopped. She realized they had all been coming from that... thing. Someone threw a rock at one of the wings and the creature fell 30 feet to the ground, but the fall wasn't what hurt it. Someone had definitely just beaten it in a fight, since it had blood flowing from its huge red eye. But it definitely wasn't... dead. Undead, maybe. But not dead. After a while, she realized to her horror that the creature was staring... at her. The only batamon in the village. It was as if the creature had an intense hatred in its eye. No, not hatred. Suffering. The creature was suffering.


Then something else appeared through the mirror. It looked like it was... chasing the first creature. It appeared as a sun in the sky, orange, bright, yet enigmatically... dark. It had one eye in its center. The second creature let out a horrible sound, one no other creature could make. It had to be 130 decibels, at least. It sounded like an alarm clock, and a hyena, and a woman's scream, and the Devil rolled into one. It flung itself towards the first creature.

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