The Sun Princess Winged Unicorn is a fanmade boss. It's sprite is composed of a winged unicorn with a wavy mane and tail. It appears in Kirby: SUNSHINE-994 and the sequel in color. Strangely, in the sequel of Kirby: SUNSHINE-994, the color scheme of the winged unicorn strongly resembles Princess Celestia from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Similarities with Princess Celestia Edit

  • Both are princesses of the sun.
  • Both have wings and a horn, respectively.
  • Both have a wavy mane and tail.
  • Both have a pale gray lavender-pink coat.
  • Both have a sun as their flank symbol.
  • Both have the colors consisting of cerulean, turquoise, light blue and pale magenta on their mane and tail.