Shadow star

The Shadow Star

The Shadow Star is an Air Ride machine. It first appeared in Kirby Air RIde in 2003, and appear again on the anime, Kirby: Right Back At Ya! later the same year. It is called Devil Star in Japanese. It appears as the most recurring star in The Air Ride Series.

In The Air Ride SeriesEdit

The Shadow Star hates being ridden on. He often hides in various places, usually the UFO. He generally says nobody will ever find him, but he is always found. The Shadow Star is Blue Kirby's favorite star.


The Shadow Star was the favorite star of Poyo Ride's cousin. He clearly was obsessed with it, as he never let Poyo Ride use it. Poyo Ride used the star once before getting his own copy of the game, and that was in Free Run. If a

Blue Kirby on his favorite star.

second Shadow Star was spotted, Poyo Ride couldn't get on it. His cousin said something Poyo Ride believed was an excuse to hog the star. (Which he proved correct almost 2 years later.) His cousin made the excuse that if two people were on the same star, the Gamecube would break and it was for his Gamecube only. Poyo Ride remembers a time when the Shadow Star blew away in his cousin's face.

When TARS was started in Febuary 2014, the Shadow Star was carried over to the series as a star who always hides and hates being ridden on.

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