Screwbolt and the No-Good Clones! is an upcoming episode of A Puffball's Tale.

Plot Edit

Rena and Kirby were inside Kirby's room playing a fishing game, when meanwhile Screwbolt's battery was recharged and she woke up, breaking up through Kirby's floor. The reason that Screwbolt did this, was because she was curious what the two were doing upstairs and wanted to join in.

Kirby and Rena are shocked at the huge hole Screwbolt made, and Mother and Father come into Kirby's room. They too are shocked at such a sight, and call House Repair.

The house repair they receive is a young man named Mr. Pipecleaner who turns out to be Pitcher Man's older brother. He is baffled at how to repair the floor, and decides to call up someone on the phone. Screwbolt has to go with him.

Fast forward to several minutes later, he hires a team of robot clones that are basically identical, miniature versions of Screwbolt. They help clean up the house and fix the massive hole in the floor, and even cook up dinner for them.

Later that night though, Kirby and Rena are asleep when they hear a scream from outside which sounds to be from Mr. Pipe cleaner. They hop out of bed, rushing outside, where they see that Mr. Pipecleaner' face bloodied and bruised. He was attacked by one of the Screwbolt Clones, and they help him up when another clone almost punches them on their way in.

Later at school, Kirby and his class are learning about deciminals hen Kirby finishes his work sheet ahead of class, using up the extra time to draw a handsome picture of Rena. He then explains to his math teacher, Ms. Dewie that he drew the picture because he misses his sister, since she's at a different school.

But after school, Kirby is riding back home on his bike when he almost gets hit by a Screwbolt Clone, throwing him off of his bike. He gets up and runs towards his apartment, dodging past the Clones chasing him.

Back inside, the Screwbolt Clones are now angry, beating up each other with pots, pans, and even hammers! Rena gets in just in time when a clone hits Kirby with a hammer, making him faint.

Kirby then gets up and fights against the Clones, ferociously bopping them with his feet mid-air as Rena runs away from them. The parents arrive home late and are terrified.

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