Pop Star is a planet that appears in nearly every Kirby game. Its where Dream Land, King Dedede's country is. The planet has two hemispheres, one completely covered in water, save for 4 small continents and the Popopo Islands. It is believed that the 'water hemisphere' is the south of the planet.

Gallery Edit


Cookie Country, on the north part of Pop Star


Raisin Ruins, on the northeast part of Pop Star.


Onion Ocean, on the southeast part of Pop Star.


White Wafers, on the southwest part of Pop Star.


Nutty Noon, on the northeast part of Pop Star.


Planet Pop Star.


The southern hemisphere, or, back hemisphere. Includes 4 small continents, the Popopo islands. (from:: Kirby Mass Attack)

Popstar from space

Planet Pop Star from space, as seen in Kirby's Return To Dreamland. Note the rings

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