Meta Knight
Meta Knight image1
Meta Knight in his latest appearance
Title Star Warrior
First Appearance Episode 18
Gender Male
Species Batamon
Hometown Popstar

Meta Knight is a mysterious batamon knight which wears a mask and a cape, and wields the sword Galaxia. He is a rival to Kirby, and often challenges him to a Sword duel.


Meta Knight's history remains largely unknown, although it is known that he is a Star Warrior, and when he saw Kirby crash his Warpstar on Popstar he was sent to train him until he was able to survive on his own, although he still often test's Kirby's skills in duels.


Meta Knight can wield his sword expertly and can warp using his cape. His cape also turns into a pair of bat-like wings, giving him the ability to fly and glide through the air. Unlike some puffs, he cannot copy any ability.

In Kirby Air Ride Edit

In Kirby Air Ride, Meta Knight acts as an Air Ride machine and can be used as opposed to something like the Warpstar.




Uh... What?

  • Meta Knight, when he doesn't wear a mask, is colored blue.

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