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Tornado Kirby
AppearanceGold Headband with emerald and tornado
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Tornado Icon


  • Neutral - Tornado Kick - Kirby kicks twice, quickly five times, then spins around kicking. If the button is pressed once, only the last move is performed
  • Dash - Whirlwind Spin - Kirby quickly spins around while moving forwards
  • Air - Falling Gust - Kirby throws his hands below him, generating a tornado that rushes downwards
  • Special - Tornado Attack - Kirby spins inside of a tornado. He can move while in this form
  • Down Special - Rising Gust - Kirby's hat's tornado grows, shooting it's excess upwards. If used in the air, a tornado envelops Kirby first, hitting opponents below him at the beginning
  • Up Special - Tornado Storm - Kirby rises upwards inside of a large tornado
  • Side Special - Drilling Gust - Kirby shoots a tornado sideways like a drill. It is very powerful, but has a small range
  • Finale - Hyper Tornado - Kirby spins inside of a tornado, and is quickly enveloped by a larger tornado. He can move around freely in this form, even flying


  • A lot of Tornado Kirby's moves were made for this game this includes: Tornado Kick, Tornado Storm and Drilling Gust
    • Drilling Gust is similar to Power Drill Kirby from the Crystal Shards or the drill item from Super Smash Bros.
    • The beginning of Tornado Kick is very similar to Fighter's Vulcan Jab
  • Hyper Tornado actually appears as a regular attack in Kirby's return to Dreamland, but not as powerful