Shadow Kirby Fighters Deluxe

Shadow Kirby in Kirby's Triple Deluxe

Shadow Kirby appears as a playable character in Kirby's Super Smash. He uses the same copy-abilities as Kirby, however, his moveset mimics that of the copy abilities's enemies. He is unlocked by beating the first level of the Mirror World.


Shadow Kirby has the same stats as Kirby, being very light with good recovery. He also uses the same basic moveset as Kirby, but with "reversed" damage. He uses special variants of abilities' movesets; they are based more on enemies


There can only be one Shadow Kirby. Shadow Kirby can be played by any player.


  • Neutral - Slide Kick - Shadow Kirby slides with his feet outstretched, doing 10% damage
  • Air - Exhale - Shadow Kirby blows out a puff of air, doing 5% damage
  • Special - Inhale - Shadow Kirby inhales opponents. They can be spit out or swallowed; swallowing gives Kirby their corresponding ability and does 10% damage, while spitting does 5%. Spit enemies appear as stars until momentum stops. Swallowing more enemies makes the star bigger, and it's damage increases with size. A single enemy spit deals 5%.

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