"Dedede is already perfect, so his inhale won't copy enemies. Instead, it has a longer range than Kirby's."
—Masahiro Sakurai
King Dedede
King Dedede Brawl
King Dedede in his latest appearance
Title King
First Appearance Kirby's Dreamland
Gender Male
Species Penguin
Hometown Cappy Town

King Dedede is the chubby penguin king of Dreamland he despises Kirby, yet has been saved by Kirby numerous times throughout the series.


King Dedede was born on an iceberg as most penguins are, his father being King Hohoho and his mother being Queen Rarara.


  • Belly Bounce
  • Super Dedede Jump
  • Inhale
  • Flight

Game AppearancesEdit

  • King Dedede steals all of Dream Land's food in Kirby Millenium, and Kirby is forced to get it back by performing various tasks for King Dedede, ranging from traveling to the moon to exploring an oversized fridge.
  • King Dedede transforms into Star Dedede in Kirby Story. He was originally going to use his new powers to defeat Kirby, but instead he decided to use them in an attempt to take over the galaxy.


  • "Do I look fat?" - Kirby's Shopping Spree


  • He loves nachos. 
  • A glitch changes his voice.

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