"That's all!

So, whose fault is it?"

-Icey, The Kirby Adventurers Squad Comics #4

Icey is a Kirby who has the permanent Ice Ability.

Profile Edit

Personality Edit

Icey's part of Kirby's personality is the energetic and childish side.

Somehow she's good friends with Popopo, though.

Appearance Edit

Icey is a light blue Kirby, with the permanent ice ability, so, she has the Ice Copy Ability hat.

She has purple cheeks and shoes.

Backstory Edit

When the first 15 Kirbies were made, she was the one with the Ice Copy Abillity.

When she met Kirby, Kirby was being childish and energetic.

Because of this, Icey's personality's that.

She lived in the frosty part of Whispy's Woods.

One day, when she was trying to go to visit the Chillies, she got tired, and, crashed.

She met a Kirby named Kirb, than, when she went home, after explaining, Kirby fainted.

Relationships Edit

Popopo Edit

Popopo is Icey's best friend.

Even though Popopo's focused, and, Icey's energetic and childish.

Popopo likes to have fun with Icey, by teasing and messing with her occasionally.

Kirby Edit

Like the other 14 Kirbies that were made, she gets along with Kirby.

But, she can be kinda annoying to Kirby.

Keeby Edit

Keeby, being kinda energetic, gets along well with Icey.

She does accidentally freeze him a lot

Burnin' Edit

Their enemies, 100%

Trivia Edit

  • Icey likes Ice Cream
  • And, popsicles
  • And, basically anything frozen/cold

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