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Freeze is the father of Frost. He sacrificed himself to save Frost when a demon beast attacked them both. Before that, he and Frost lived alone after the death of his wife and (supposedly) Icicle. He tried to take extra care of Frost, since Frost was all he had left. Freeze taught him as much as he could before his passing. Frost often wonders what his father would have done in his situations.

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Frost is a warrior from the edge of the galaxy known as the Jewel System; his home planet is known as "Solo Star". He is the owner and protector of the mystical "Power Star", and wields two swords made by his own father. Due to the massive war against Holy Nightmare Co., he lost his family and home, and moved away to a nearby planet. For years, he spent his time searching the galaxy for his friend and comrade, Kieara, whom he was separated from at the war's end. Throughout his search, he attracted many foes who attempted to either take his life or his prized possession: the "Power Star".

After four years of searching, He eventually left the entire galaxy in search of a place to settle down in peace. He took up residence on an abandoned mining planet, where he learned about the mysterious Star Stones being excavated there. It wasn't long before his enemies caught up to him and began causing even more trouble. When push came to shove, Frost finally turned around, and decided to put everything to an end. He gathered up the remaining Galaxy Soldiers, and went into an all out war against them. He came out victorious, and restored peace to not just himself, but the entire galaxy. Fortunately, he was able to finally reunite with not only Kieara, but his long lost twin brother, Icicle.

Currently married to Kieara, his childhood friend, they had their wedding on Pop Star in 2008. After the events of The Final Nightmare, he decides to return to his original home. But he stays for a little while longer, partly due to delays. Nearly half a year later, He finally bids his friends farewell, and returns home. There he helped the new Emerald Kingdom rebuild on Solo Star, and afterwards, was made into an honorary Emerald Knight.