Erika is a fan character for the Kirby anime, Kirby: Right Back At Ya. She lives in King Dedede's castle as one of his servants. It is unknown how old she is, but she is a couple of years older than Tiff.


Erika is one of the non-Cappy characters. Whatever species she is, she is the same as Tiff and Tuff. She has short orange hair and purple eyes. She wears a blue scarf, brown t-shirt, green jacket, pink skirt, and white boots with gold buttons and black straps.


Erika is mostly a kind and caring girl, but she is easily provoked to violence. She will attempt to take revenge on anyone who insults her or stops her achieving something. When she is rude to someone by mistake, she will quickly apologise. Erika loves all things cute and cuddly, often scared by the monsters King Dedede orders. Erika can be scary herself, however; her pointy teeth can form a very evil grin to match the evil side of her personality.



Erika is friends with Kirby in secret, helping whenever she can, which isn't often since she works for Dedede. Under the king's orders Erika is supposed to hate him, but how can she hate someone as cute as Kirby?

King DededeEdit

To King Dedede, Erika is just a second Escargoon. Erika, however, seems to think the king is the bravest and most intelligent person she has ever met and looks up to him... most of the time. After getting a beating from Dedede and his mallet Erika sees him as a selfish jerk and wonders why she ever liked him. However, all it takes is another brilliant plot against Kirby for the king to gain Erika's admiration and loyalty again.


Erika's relationship with Escargoon is a strange one. Most often, the two are rivals in competing for King Dedede's approval. Both Escargoon and Erika are convinced that they are the king's favourite. However, they sympathise with each other when one or both of them has taken a beating from King Dedede.