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A Puffball's Tale (paafuboru Monogatari) will be a spin-off series of Kirby: Planet Robobot (anime). It will be available on Home DVD, Netflix and alongside Kirby game pre-purchases' DVDs.

Plot Edit

The series is based on the adventures between Kirby and his older autistic adopted sister, Rena (known as Poro Chan in JP).

They also ride Robobot Armor and save their city from the evil, wicked arch villain Dark Cerebelus and his minions throughout most episodes, though some episodes are based soley on Rena's daily adventures.

The series is animated in a 2-dismensional anime style, very similar to the existing anime Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

Cast Plot Edit

Rena is an autistic 17 year old female puffball who was an orphan until she was adopted by Kirby's family. She can barely communicate via verbal speech, and suffers from occasional flashbacks of being bullied in school, as well as when her father hit her as a child.

Rena loves her younger (non-biologically related) brother Kirby, but displays poor social skills around him. She often doesn't respond by being called, rarely looks in anyone's eyes and often lacks interest in others.

Kirby is therefore Rena's protective younger brother. He protects her from the bullies and helps educate her some things, such as learning sign language and numbers. They go to 2 different schools because Rena is older than Kirby.

Kirby's two parents are simply named Mother and Father, or Mom and Dad. They appear mostly in the Rena's Life Adventures episodes, though they do appear in the Robobot Armor episodes as well.

Throughout A Puffball's Tale, are many minor characters. Some characters include Rena's teacher, Kirby's teacher, the schools people, the city people, villains, good people, and more.

In an upcoming episode, Rena gets a pet puppy named Tesla.

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