Zero Two
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Zero Two
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First Appearance Kirby 64
Gender Agender (male personality)
Species Demon (or a fallen angel)
Hometown Dark Star


Zero is a reincarnation of Living Zero, an evil attempting to control Pop Star with the help of 02. Kirby and Gooey went up to the Hyper Zone and disgraced both of them. Soon, they returned, this time trying to rule Ripple Star, but found out that Ripple Star held a crystal capable of purging them. Zero Two sent in 3 Dark Matters to steal the crystal. A fairy named Ribbon fled with the crystal, but the Dark Matter still tried to steal it, but they accidentally shattered it. After Kirby and Ribbon got the crystal back together, they faced off against Zero on dark star.

(his nickname is zero)

Kirby: The Crystal Shards Edit

Zero, defeated, gets some extremely highly trained Dark Matter surgeons to upgrade him, into Zero Two (02). He wins the favor of some world leaders including Whispy Woods, Acro, and HR-H. This time, the Darkness attacks Ripple Star, a planet near Pop Star (where Dream Land is). 02 dispatches Miracle Matter, his highest level General, to Ripple Star. A Fairy named Ribbon that was higher up in the Fairy chain of command leaves Ripple Star (on direct orders by the Queen) with the planet's precious crystal, and ends up crash landing on Pop Star due to being relentlessly pursued by 02's terrorist forces. Some of the Darkness follows Ribbon and spreads to Dream Land, but Kirby saves those who are attacked and controlled by the Darkness. Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Dedede (who he saved) join him on his quest. They save Ripple Star and beat Miracle Matter. As soon as they begin celebrating, they see that the queen has been controlled by Dark matter all along. She attempts to attack Waddle Dee and, being only strong intellectually, is immediately subdued by the Ripple Star Police. Ribbon sees that Dark Matter is not vanquished, and Kirby tells her there is a chance that Zero survived The Battle of Pop Star. They go to 02's secret base, Dark Star. Ribbon has been working on a weapon in her spare time. At this moment it is classified only as RSG-72. The only thing we know is that it was able to somehow fly Kirby, Adeline, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee to Dark Star, and destroy 02 (Zero Two) forever…?


Zero's abilities include disguising himself as a smiley face, retracting his wings, and various other actions.


Wipe this planet out of existence!!!! -Zero Two, The rise of Darkness

This... Power... - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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